LinkedIn is the most productive source of B2B opportunity on the planet!  

Don't let opportunity pass you by!

There are over 550 million active users on LinkedIn worldwide. Forty percent report that they check their account daily for new messages. They are all there for one reason and one reason only. . . to find or get found for opportunities.  Yet, a very tiny fraction of LinkedIn members ever get any measurable benefit from it.

Why? Because building a successful business requires a lot more than signing up for a free social media account and waiting for offers to roll in. You must reach out, . . .to the right people, with the right message, at the right time. You must engage your target market and make sure they know your unique selling position at the time they are ready to buy..

The clear majority of LinkedIn members don't get traction because they fail to identify and meaningfully engage their target market in sufficient numbers to have an impact on their bottom line. They create a profile and wait for business to come to them. In most cases their profile doesn’t appeal to their target market or accurately reflect their key value proposition. Then they wait, and wait, and wait,. . .until they finally give up, decide LinkedIn is worthless and move on to the next thing.

We help our clients overcome lack of knowledge, technical skills, marketing savvy, and time & financial constraints by creating and executing a very  intentional "done for you" campaign strategy that delivers immediate and measurable results. Then we coach you on how to engage with your new connections for optimal results.

You will have direct, one-on-one access to Mike Harris, our founder, serial entrepreneur, and digital marketing expert who's career spans over thirty-five years helping large and small businesses leverage technology to compete and win. This is not a group training or a set of old videos. Its one hour per month of direct, one-on-one coaching on whatever issues you are challenged with.

To work directly with Mike, you must be coach-able, committed to the process he teaches, and ready to take massive and consistent action to grow your business.


Our Process


  • 1. Listen to you! Yes, you will have a conversation with a professional content strategist who will learn about your business.
  • 2. Craft the ideal client avatar (description of your perfect client).
  • 3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to appeal to your ideal client by addressing their needs (not necessarily describing your product, service, or yourself).
  • 4. We make sure your LinkedIn profile and messaging meets the regulatory requirements of your industry. This is particularly important for financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, and medical professionals.
  • 5. Develop campaign objectives. Ex; Schedule a phone call or meeting. Invite to a workshop. Sign up for a newsletter.
  • 6. Craft a compelling connection request, welcome and other messages designed to engage new connections and turn them into prospects.


  • 1. We setup search criteria in LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.
  • 2. We send 60-75 targeted connection requests a day, depending on your needs. These are simply invitations to have a conversation. If the recipient is interested, he/she will respond. If not, they won't.
  • 3. You get 10-20 laser targeted connections every day without lifting a finger!
  • 4. You will wind up with 300-600 new targeted connections (leads)/month, 15,000 within twenty-four months on average.
  • 5. Every connection will receive your custom welcome,three follow-up messages reinforcing your value proposition and/or engagement objective, and a request for feedback via a phone conversation. This is your opportunity not to pitch, but conduct a discovery interview designed to lead your prospect to "discover" how your value proposition relates to them.
  • 6. Our staff will respond promptly and courteously to expressions of thanks regarding the information we send them for you. They will also remove those who ask to be removed from the campaign.
  • 7. Our staff will send you a weekly tickler report. Included in the report will be a list of members who have questions, comments, requests for a call. or just conversation that requires a personal response.
  • 8. You review the profiles of those who have engaged, and decide who you want to pursue a relationship with. This is where you take over the conversation.

Full Funnel Marketing - New LinkedIn connections can also be automatically imported into your Webhooks/Zapier compliant CRM for lead and sales management, long-term drip marketing, text messaging, RVM (ringless voice mail) and video marketing.

You have the platform! We can build a complete, custom, end-to-end multi-channel marketing automation system specifically for your business and your target audience by adding your marketing assets and content.

Wait, . . There's More

You will need a subscription to LinkedIn's premium account service called Sales Navigator. Our service leverages the Microsoft/LinkedIn data engine to find your ideal target audience and deliver your messaging. We can work without it, but it's like putting a governor on a Maserati. Its only $79/month and you can get it by clicking on the image below.

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand behind everything we do. We will do everything humanly possible to ensure your success. However, we do not set appointments or close sales for you.

We introduce you to the people who are most likely to need your service or product, and teach you how to engage them effectively. It's up to you to convert conversations into new business.

Our LinkedIn account management service is a great value as is. We create substantially greater value than a full-time executive marketing assistant at a fraction of the cost.

However, if you want to squeeze even more value out of our service, we will handle the set-up and configuration of the automated export/import of your new LinkedIn connections to your CRM at no extra cost!

. . . and more!

We strongly recommend that all clients use an automated scheduling system to manage the volume of activity that we generate.

You don't have to use ours, but we are a vCita Authorized Solution Provider and offer a free 30-day trial to clients who are interested in a complete end-to end marketing automation system with a single source of support. If you already have a CRM, scheduler, and bulk email service that you are happy with, keep using it. If not, click on the image below to learn more.

We do all the heavy lifting for you. You show up and engage with people who have raised their hands and said "I'm interested."

Get a steady stream of new clients. Invest more time helping clients. Have more quality time with family.

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