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Sleep Well = Perform Well!

Feb 24, 2021

In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about sleep as an important factor in our performance. Until I saw the article I refer to here, everything I’ve seen related to quantity and quality of sleep. Several years ago, as Chief Pilot for a small air freight company. I was often called upon to substitute for…

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Success And The Impostor Syndrome

Feb 16, 2021

Recently I’ve been employing the services of a virtual assistant named Jeff Lucas. He’s employed by Smart VA’s, a service founded by Kristy Yoder. Kristy regularly publishes a video presentation on YouTube about some business idea. The one I just received discussed the “Impostor Syndrome”, the sense that you’ve achieved more than you somehow deserve. This feeling…

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What We Know vs. What We Don’t Know

Feb 10, 2021

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you coach entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs often succeed by identifying a hidden need in a marketplace that no one else has seen. Then they address that need with a unique solution. Here’s something that may surprise many entrepreneurs and those who observe them. There are many quirks of human nature that are…

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The Healing You Need!

Feb 3, 2021

To kick off this special issue, I thank every one of you for reading the words I write here. Read this issue and click through to the resources I offer here. You will learn about a healing technique stronger than almost any chemical, or even natural, medicine. Minda Zetlin, an Inc. magazine contributor we’ve heard from several…

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Spend Your Time More Effectively!

Jan 27, 2021

Not doing something not worth doing is a great way to spend your time. —David Heinemeier Hansson Here’s a guy who’s succeeded in business by not doing more. But…he’s done important things. And…he’s enjoyed it. To learn about how he’s pulled this off, listen as Alex Sanfilippo interviews David Heinemeier Hansson. David is a co-founder of Basecamp, and author of It Doesn’t Have to Be…

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Marketing On A Budget!

Jan 20, 2021

Some people line up big investors and/or large savings accounts to start businesses. The guy highlighted in this article did it without big money. Without a huge marketing budget. The power of an idea that resonates in the market is huge. When people benefit from something they bought, they tell their friends about it.  Mike Doehla, quite…

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Surf Dude And Life Lessons That Go With It

Jan 13, 2021

My good friend and fellow Estanciero David Galland recently published Surf Dude. Like everything David writes, it’s a riveting story. As with much good writing, there’s a lot more here than an entertaining narrative. The story is of a group of airliner crash survivors on a small island, struggling for survival. Two examples of extreme antisocial behavior…

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New Year, New Habits!

Jan 6, 2021

Which of your habits (we all have many!) are serving you well? Which are detrimental for you? What new habits would you like to establish? Want to : Quit smoking? Lose weight? Make your bed every morning? Eat a small amount of healthy chocolate each day? Last week I got a recommendation for a book…

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A Bizarre 2020: The Good and The Bad

Dec 29, 2020

We prepare to close the books on what has been a most bizarre year. For most of us, probably the most bizarre year of our lives! For me, this seems a good time to reflect on 2020, and think about how to get 2021 off to the best possible start. One of the best ways…

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