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Do You Value, and Nurture, Your Friendships?

Sep 9, 2020

Friendships! Positive relationships! How much do these elements matter in business? In health? In happiness? I suppose many people might agree that they’re important for health, especially mental and emotional health. Probably most people would agree that they’re important factors in happiness. But in business? According to Shasta Nelson, they’re just as vital for business…

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Is There Play in Your Work?

Aug 25, 2020

Natural “player” that I am, my eye was drawn to a TED talk on the subject of play. How vital it is to a sane and balanced life. How to make it happen. How human play correlates with and can interact with animal play. Fascinating, at least to me! I hope you find it similarly engaging. The…

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Who Will You be – in a Month, or a Year?

Aug 20, 2020

Ben Hardy, a coach, author, and mentor I’m working with, defines your “future self”. Want to be: A better coach? A better author, maybe even a best-selling author? (Ben is.) A better mom or dad, husband or wife? Someone you’re newly considering being? That better or different “whatever” is your “future self”. It could even…

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Instinct? Facts? What’s the Best Business Guide?

Aug 11, 2020

Many years ago (more than I care to admit) I started out as a young entrepreneur. My business offered aviation charter and training services. After a couple of years I’d reached the point of hiring a salesman. Jack (not his real name) was quite effective in promoting our business. Up to the time of this…

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Want to Make Your “Star” a Leader? Caution!

Aug 5, 2020

In business, it’s a common observation. Good leaders may have little experience with the work their team is producing. A good drilling manager may or may not have been the best driller. A good sales manager may or may not have sold so well. And, of course, the reverse is often true. The best “do-ers”…

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Think Business is Cut-Throat?

Jul 14, 2020

Do you believe in angels? How would you like to employ “better angels” in your business? Over the weekend, I read Win with Decency, a short book by Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher. Their premise is that you do business best by positive treatment of every individual and organization the business comes in contact with. This would include:…

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Think, and Grow Rich!

Jul 14, 2020

According to Napoleon Hill, he met Andrew Carnegie in 1908. Hill relates that he went to work for Carnegie, who gave him an unusual assignment. He was to research and report on the work of the most prominent business men of the time. The idea, of course, was to create a guide for doing business…

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Whatever You Do has a Leadership Lesson in it!

Jun 23, 2020

Jim Smith recently caught my eye with his story of “Lessons From The Muck“. reat curiosity-inducing title! Jim is self-styled “The Executive Happiness Coach”. In this article, he takes the opportunity to extract a few lessons from a distasteful task. Wading into and clearing out an overgrown swamp. These lessons apply in business, and in…

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Think about What You Want!

Jun 22, 2020

Again in this article, we’ll touch on mental attitude. It seems to me one can’t be reminded too often to stay focused on what you can do to make your life better. In times like these it’s doubly important. There’s a lot of negative conversation out there. Ignore it. That means it’s important to avoid…

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