Core Values

Recently I took part in a serial program called "12 Days of Leadership". Kristi Staab, a coach I communicate with on LinkedIn, presented it.

During this program Kristi asked us to identify 5 core values we stand for in life, leadership, and business. She offered us a list of nearly 200 to choose from, or add to.

We started by identifying 20 that were important for us. Then we narrowed that to 10 which stood out among the 20. Finally we focused on the 5 we couldn't eliminate from the list of 10.

Then she asked us to define what each of those values meant to us, and why we found each of them important.

Here's my list:

  1. Integrity

Definition: Being true to ALL my values. Being internally consistent and, of course, honest.

Why it's important: Anything other than internal consistency is internal conflict. Internal conflict is an uncomfortable, and ineffective, condition.


  1. Responsibility

Definition: Recognizing that I'm responsible for everything that happens in my world, whether I caused it or not.

Why it's important: Blaming external factors for what happens to me results in frustration. It never produces results.


  1. Gratitude

Definition: Being grateful for all the people and conditions in my life, including those that present challenges.

Why it's important: It's a strong positive factor in inner peace, and in relationships, which for me, are vital.


  1. Efficiency

Definition: Getting the most done with the least expenditure of time, effort, and resources.

Why it's important: It's the best route to improving the human condition, and my individual condition.


  1. Communication:

Definition: Effective interchange between/among people to exchange information, ideas, emotions, and pleasantry.

Why it's important: It's one of the most important factors in efficiency, teamwork, and relationships (Teamwork and relationships are among the values I eliminated in favor of this one, due to its broader inclusion.)


Now, my invitation to you: 

I invite feedback from anyone on how you rate these values for yourself, and what other values may be as important, or more so, for you.

John Stevens


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