Do Less To Accomplish More! Improve Your Worth

Do You Know Your Worth?

Want to improve your self-esteem? What better way to do that than to feel productive?

When you feel like you're accomplishing something valuable, you feel worthy. When you feel worthy, you're inspired to create more worth.

A true sense of self-worth comes from how valuable you feel. Not what someone else thinks of you. Not how cool or stylish you look. Solely by your own judgment, you must believe you’re adding value. It could be to your own life. Perhaps to a friend’s or a client’s life. Or maybe in a worthy cause. The key is: It must be your personal judgment, unclouded by someone else’s opinion of you.

Read on for a good recipe to generate that feeling of accomplishment.

Hint: It’s not about doing more. Do less!

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Here’s Anthony Yeung with some excellent tips on how to accomplish more in a few hours than most people do in several days.

A quick summary of Anthony’s recommendations:

  • Skip the time-wasters, especially first thing in the morning. Incoming messages are just allowing someone else to control your time. Also, eliminate notifications.
  • Stay focused on important tasks early in the day. He quotes Abraham Lincoln: “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first 6 of them sharpening my axe.”
  • Create bite-sized tasks. Break down big projects into small steps.
  • Prioritize! Then prioritize the priorities!
  • Set time limits to give yourself a sense of urgency.
  • Set a timer. When if rings take a short break, then repeat this process.
  • Batch your tasks to work most efficiently,
  • If you listen to music while you work, keep replaying one song. Anthony explains why.
  • If you like what you’re doing, you’ll be much more productive. “Farm out,” or otherwise eliminate the things you don’t enjoy doing.

This is a quick summary of a long-ish article. It’s worth reading. Or at least skimming for the ideas that resonate with you. Anthony “fleshes them out.”

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