Don’t Stress It!

24/7 high-level stress!

Start-up founders are famous for thinking they can work this way indefinitely.

Here's the story of the co-founders of Front, who believed they could handle it, until…

One developed cancer. The other had a breakdown that left her unable to function for months.

When they were able to get their attention back on their business, they found that everything was working well. Their attention was needed for growth though.

From all this, they learned a few things.

  • Their attention wasn't necessary in day-to-day operations.
  • The business needed their vision and planning to grow. Their attention mattered in the big picture – less so in the small picture.
  • Everyone from top to bottom functioned more effectively in a more relaxed environment. The frenetic “workaholic” approach of their earlier days wasn't so effective.
  • Demonstrating vulnerability to your employees is a wonderful morale-builder.

These lessons are frequently ignored in Silicon Valley's famously “high-octane” atmosphere. Many company builders would benefit from the lessons Collin and Perrin learned at such great pain.

Pretty much every human activity, other than breathing and pumping blood, benefits from regular rest and recuperation.

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