Learn from Coaching Business Leaders!

If you’re like most business and life coaches, your business could be better. You have a lot to offer, but it’s a constant struggle to connect with the people who want and need your services.

Here is a list of your compatriots who have built thriving businesses around their coaching services.

They range from world-wide organizations with hundreds or thousands of coaches to individual coaches who have found a personal niche in coaching.

Some are franchising organizations – others hire coaches who work under one management umbrella. Some are combinations of these.

Regardless of the type of organization you have or are attached to, or if you work individually, you can learn marketing and business strategies from these companies. Each of them offers its prospects a unique set of resources to help them improve their businesses, as well as one-to-one coaching.

Each listing describes the types of clients that company seeks and services. Select the ones that target markets similar to yours, and learn from the best!

The 22 listings are generally organized starting from the largest and best-known coaching organizations to lesser-known and smaller (some one-person) shops.

A few unique approaches are:

  • Karl Bryan (#12 in the list) focuses on business coaches as his target market. Maybe he’s just the guy to help you!
  • Melinda Emerson (listing #5) invites written contributions to her materials – a great way to gain credibility! She insists that contributions be new previously unpublished material but, once you’re submitted an article to her, you can republish it on LinkedIn, your website, or other social media.
  • If you inquire, you may find others who welcome contributions.
  • Many of the companies offer opportunities for coaches to join in their work, as franchisees, affiliates, or employees. This could be a great way to get your coaching business rocking and rolling!

More research into these individual situations will surely uncover opportunities i didn’t see in my perusal of them. Dig a little and learn a lot from these companies. Why reinvent the wheel?

John Stevens

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