Does LinkedIn Automation Work?

That is a loaded question! The folks at LinkedIn say you shouldn't even be asking because it violates their terms of service.

There are hundreds of LinkedIn automation tool makers so there is obviously significant demand. Demand would not exist if it didn't work at least a little. For many, in fact, it works very well.

At the root of the battle between LinkedIn and the tool makers is ownership of the data that is collected from members. There have been many lawsuits over the years and it is still not resolved.

There. I said it. Now let's dig into it.

There are hundreds of automation toolmakers and hundreds of thousands of tool users (including myself) who are beneficiaries of the technologies they create.  So, why do so many LinkedIn "experts" publicly denounce automation?

The short answer  - They make their living from LinkedIn and don't want to become a target for Microsoft/LinkedIn payback. What they say in public and do in practice are often very different. Unfortunate, but its the world we live in.

Its very similar to the US political environment.  Apparently, right and wrong, good and evil depend on which side of the bread your butter is on, and you have to pick a side or you get no bread.

The bottom line - LinkedIn has convinced nearly 800 million people worldwide to give up a lot of their personal information (without compensation) so that they can sell it to the highest bidder.

LinkedIn/Microsoft would like you to think that they are protecting your privacy when they prohibit automation in their terms of service. In fact, their only reason for running the platform is to exploit your personal information.

Every social media platform exists for the exclusive purpose of collecting and selling data to marketers, politicians, and government statisticians. Sorry to bust your bubble if you thought is was somehow for your benefit.

Public perception often unfairly equates automation with SPAM. Odd, since the entire tech. industry is based on the idea of automating tedious tasks.

Automation does NOT equal SPAM. Sending people unsolicited junk that they have no interest in, is SPAM.

Unfortunately, there are many "bad actors" who deploy automation without any thought, strategy, or reasonable business objective in mind.  They are the ones who create the noise and the perception that the majority of communications are SPAM.

So, how do you do it right?

There is no shortcut and no free lunch. You must understand human psychology and and what motivates people in their decision making. You must also know how LinkedIn works, how marketing works, and how automation works.

People who don't know how to leverage LinkedIn or don't have time for the tedious grunt work, should learn or hire a reputable firm to do it for them

Otherwise, . . . they are simply the product (data) that LinkedIn and it's partners sell.

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It's marketing folks. If you don't know how and you don't want to learn, you have to hire somebody. Otherwise, the wheels of commerce will not turn, and the winds of fortune will not blow in your favor.

Conversation is the seed of opportunity!

But, with so much noise on social media, It's really difficult to find and get the attention of the people you want to talk to.

There are lots of places to get bits and pieces and "how to" guides for doing business on LinkedIn. Most of it is just click-bait and doesn't help you move the needle on things that matter.

Would your life be easier if you could find the people who need and want what you have, start conversations, and communicate your value with a compelling story?

What if you could then get prospects to schedule appointments with you, . . all on autopilot?