What is Mike@Nine?

(draft marketing plan)

Its no secret that video is becoming an increasingly vital part of online/digital marketing for those who want to engage their audience and compete effectively.  Video helps us connect at an emotional level in ways that are not possible with email, articles, posts, and even two way messaging.

However, the technical challenges of producing video and the reluctance of some to get on camera have limited its availability to many who otherwise have a tremendous amount of value to share.

One of the greatest challenges "would-be" video content creators face is speaking to an audience that is not actually there to have dialog with. The hosted news show addresses this issue with a facilitator and a format that is structured and repeatable.

SMN will invest in the technology and training required to host up to 4 guests on a daily show that will also provide an opportunity to take questions from the audience, allow them to make a purchase while the show is in progress, and credit the appropriate affiliate for any sales from the show.

This will be a daily online broadcast which will serve as a co-marketing platform for Smart Money Network and its affiliate partners.

Target audiences will include B2B vertical markets of our current affiliate partners and future local small business markets for Thryv business automation software.

The show will initially be broadcast daily at 9:00am CDT and will feature each affiliate partner once a month discussing issues of interest to their particular vertical or local market. This means I'll have a maximum capacity of approximately 10 affiliate partners, accounting for holidays, leaving 10 days to offer Concierge clients of Smart Money Network. If/when we need to expand capacity, we will consider airing another show at 9:00pm.

Each show will be approximately 30 minutes long and will have a sponsored 30-second add with affiliate link(s) in the middle and at the end of each broadcast.

I have already reserved two domain names (mike-at-nine.com and mikeatnine.com). I will probably let one go and use the other. The show will be simulcast live to the website and to multiple social media channels as they become available on the platform. Audiences will be will be generated via affiliate partners' social media, (including their LinkedIn campaigns), email, and SEO which I will optimize for.


The following is an example of a live business show running under the format that I have in mind. Don't judge the effectiveness by the number of views on youtube. They put no effort into youtube SEO and probably got most of their viewers live on social media and their website.

Russ Johns has been posting on youtube.com for a little over seven years and started his "Pirates" hosted video broadcast about ten months ago. I have shared his first and most recent broadcasts below.

I posted the following video on youtube with effective SEO content in 2011. No doubt the subject matter had a lot to do with its popularity.

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