Conversation Is The Seed Of Opportunity!

Leverage the power of the most effective B2B business development platform on earth.

Find and engage the right person, at the right time, with the right message, . . .without the grunt work!

Dominate your local market or expand your foot-print far beyond your local community to find a world of new opportunities in national and global markets.

Premium Content Package

$1,499 One time fee
  • Tired of playing "Russian Roulette" with your LinkedIn strategy?
  • Success on LinkedIn is all about connecting with the right people, with the right message, at the right time, and positioning YOU as a valuable and credible resource. Do it right and build a tribe of fanatical followers, . . . leads for life. Do it wrong and run the risk of having your account temporarily or permanently restricted (LinkedIn jail) or maybe even shut down altogether.
  • You must tell a compelling story about you and/or your brand in less than ten seconds to get your prospect's attention. This is the same service included at no charge with our Connector+ and Concierge campaign services, but offered as a one time service.
  • Your content strategist will conduct a zoom interview session to help you craft the perfect value proposition, unique selling position, and target audience. Together we will develop your unique strategic plan to create value for your target audience and build your tribe.
  • Our copywriters understand the psychology and technology that gets you new connections with the right people. We help you determine who they are and what motivates them. Then, we reach out with compelling messaging that moves prospects through your sales funnel.
  • Our graphics designers will incorporate your logo or other images into header backgrounds that get your prospects attention and helps tell your story.
  • The Premium Content package includes everything necessary to deploy our unique private group strategy that positions you as a credible resource and authority in your market space, includes strategy session, profile optimization, private group setup and copywriting/image creation, invitation, welcome, and up to three follow-up messages.


$2,999 month
  • Like the Connector+, our concierge service requires that you subscribe to LinkedIn's Sales Navigator for optimum performance. You purchase that directly from LinkedIn at
  • All features of our Connector+ service PLUS the following;
  • Our staff posts up to five articles a week related to your target audience to optimize engagement and help position you as a valuable resource.
  • Our staff will post your content to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other appropriate social media channels to broaden your reach and create more touchpoints with your target audience.
  • We handle courtesy follow-up messaging on your behalf.
  • We qualify prospects and schedule meetings for you through your automated scheduling system.
  • Includes integration with Scheduler, CRM, and Email platform
  • Additional coaching on advanced engagement strategies including video conferencing, focus groups, events, captioned video, and others tailored for your business.
  • Amplify engagement with strategies to get thousands of eyeballs on your content and position you as an eminently credible resource.
  • *** CAMPAIGN ROCKET FUEL! 3X the speed of growing your private group. We use LinkedIn to identify your target audience and engage with up to 500 new prospects a day via email with an invitation to join your private LinkedIn group, then drive a high touch engagement campaign to your entire group with personal and video email campaigns.


$1,499 month
  • Our Connector+ service requires that you subscribe to LinkedIn's Sales Navigator for optimal performance. You purchase that directly from LinkedIn at
  • Connector - Plus service includes all of the Connector - Basic service plus the following;
  • Dedicated account manager and content strategist.
  • Profile optimization - SEO, Headline, Background photo, summary, experience, education.
  • Creation and administration of one discussion group with mission, rules, and posting of client provided images and videos.
  • Creation of your company page with custom images and description.
  • Messaging - Invitation, Welcome, and Up to three follow-up messages
  • Quarterly review and optimization of targeting and all content components for maximum effectiveness.
  • Our staff handles courtesy responses (thanks, your’e welcome, etc.) and sends you email notifications to follow-up when prospects indicate interest or have questions.
  • Our staff creates, monitors, and administrates a private group that will help you build your tribe and become a credible and authoritative resource to help members solve problems.
  • Real-time enriched data delivery includes email address, twitter handle, phone numbers, and key influencer stats for all connections in your network and private group. Import to your CRM to run targeted email, SMS, and/or telemarketing campaigns.
  • Monthly strategy and coaching call to address challenges and help clients deploy the Six Principles of Persuasion to create influence and close sales.

Connector - Basic

$999 month
  • This service was created specifically to help clients find their target audience and start conversations that can lead to new business.
  • The Connector - Basic service does not require Sales Navigator, but is more effective with it.
  • Our staff will write a compelling invitation to connect and two follow-up messages designed to kickstart your LinkedIn marketing campaign
  • 30-50 invitations per day to your target audience. Up to 100 follow-up messages per day
  • We will automatically view profiles, follow, and endorse those you connect with making them more likely to engage with you
  • Clients who have at least 1,000 network connections already, often choose the connector service to get an average of 500 new connections per month.
  • Monthly strategy and coaching call to address challenges and help clients deploy the Six Principles of Persuasion to create influence and close sales.