This service was created specifically for clients who have all the connections they need and want to stay top-of-mind with their current network. Many studies have proven that most sales reps give up after after their first or second attempt to engage. However, more than 70% of sales happen between contact 6 and 13. That means that most of your potential client’s needs are going unmet. You just need an efficient process for reaching out. Here it is!

  • Our messenger service does not require Sales Navigator, but is more effective with it.
  • Other services can be added to meet whatever need you have, but includes the following;
  • Suggestions for improving profile.
  • Our staff will write a compelling invitation to connect and two follow-up messages designed to kickstart your LinkedIn marketing campaign
  • Up to 90 invitations per day to your target audience.
  • Up to 100 follow-up messages per day
  • We will automatically view profiles, follow, and endorse those you connect with making them more likely to engage with you
  • Clients who choose the connector service get an average of 500 new connections and thirty phone appointments per month.