Luis’ Custom Concierge

$ 1,500/month
  • You already have a Sales Navigator account
  • All features of our Connector service PLUS the following;
  • Our staff posts up to five articles a week related to your target audience to optimize engagement and help position you as a valuable resource.
  • Our staff will post your content to LinkedIn account only.
  • We handle courtesy follow-up messaging on your behalf.
  • You will have access to the Cliently Dashboard, our high touch engagement platform
  • Includes integration with your Scheduler, CRM and/or Email platform
  • Additional coaching on advanced engagement strategies including video conferencing, focus groups, events, captioned video, and others tailored for your business.
  • *** CAMPAIGN ROCKET FUEL! 10X the speed of growing your private group. We use LinkedIn to identify your target audience and engage with 1,000 new prospects a day via email with an invitation to join your private LinkedIn group, then drive a high touch engagement campaign to your entire group with email, video email, handwritten notes, postcards, and gifts.

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