LinkedIn Strategic Planning & Content Package

Tired of playing “Russian Roulette” with your LinkedIn strategy?

Success on LinkedIn is all about connecting with enough of the right people, with the right message, at the right time, positioning YOU as a valuable and credible resource, then getting them on the phone to close the deal.

Do it right and build a tribe of fanatical followers, . . . leads for life. Do it wrong and run the risk of having your account temporarily or permanently restricted (LinkedIn jail) or maybe even shut down altogether.

You must tell a compelling story about you and/or your brand in less than ten seconds to get your prospect's attention. This is the same service included at no charge with our Connector+ and Concierge campaign services, but offered as a one time service.

Your content strategist will conduct a zoom interview session to help you craft the perfect value proposition, unique selling position, and target audience. Together we will develop your unique strategic plan to create value for your target audience and build your tribe.

Our copywriters understand the psychology and technology that gets you new connections with the right people. We help you determine who they are and what motivates them. Then, we reach out with compelling messaging that moves prospects through your sales funnel.

Our graphics designers will incorporate your logo or other images into header backgrounds that get your prospects attention and helps tell your story.

Our process is bullet-pointed below.

  • Client fills out our worksheet, then schedules the on-boarding interview.
  • One hour zoom interview to clarify objectives, fill in the blanks, and develop strategy.
  • Determine audience, value proposition, and unique selling position
  • Development of initial target audience search criteria for sales navigator.
  • Profile optimization – SEO, Headline, background image, summary, experience, education.
  • Creation of one discussion group with mission, rules, and Images.
  • Creation of company page with summary and images.
  • Messaging – Invitation to connect
  • Messaging – Welcome message
  • Messaging – Two follow-up messages
  • One re-write (except grammar or spelling).