SMN Live Content Package – Six Months

REPETITION creates familiarity and builds the know, like, and trust required to do business.

Shauntel Leeson and Tony Cotrupe co-host.

Three guests, 15 minutes ea.

Easy format. Engaging and entertaining. Each guest will have one question for the other two along with one question ea. from co-hosts.

Shauntel will script segue from ea. guest to another with last question and close the show with call to action for audience. Join SMN.

Introductory guest spot on SMN Live is FREE.

IMPORTANT – This is not a 15-minute commercial for you or your service. The objective is to position you as a credible resource. You will provide valuable insights and strategies related to your field of expertise.

SMN Live Content Package.

  • Five three-minute videos
  • One 15-minute feature video
  • Full-length (one-hour) video
  • All video content includes professional intro, outro, and captioning.
  • Transcripts for posting on social media

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