SMN Live Promo

Promotion to your LinkedIn Network – $249

Appearing as a guest expert in front of the SMN Live audience is a mutual value exchange. You get exposure to our audience, and we get an opportunity to bring your network into our audience.

What we very often find, however, is that our guest expert candidate's network is not very well targeted, or that his/her target audience is not the same as ours.

In those cases, the candidate may be offered an opportunity promote and air a special segment, edit for content, and execute a campaign specifically targeting their audience at the prices published below.

However, if we determine together that you, SMN Live, and our mutual audiences are a good fit, we will will run a 30-day all-inclusive campaign (LinkedIn & email) prior to your guest appearance for $249.

You can then determine whether to move forward with any of our other service packages.


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