Success And The Impostor Syndrome

Recently I've been employing the services of a virtual assistant named Jeff Lucas. He's employed by Smart VA's, a service founded by Kristy Yoder. Kristy regularly publishes a video presentation on YouTube about some business idea.

the impostor syndrome

The one I just received discussed the “Impostor Syndrome”, the sense that you've achieved more than you somehow deserve. This feeling is more common than you might think!

Drawing from the work of Dr.Valerie Young, Kristy identifies five types of people who entertain feelings of being unqualified for the position they hold or the success they enjoy.

If you feel that you've “lucked into” your success or accomplishments, see if you match one of these types of people.

The encouraging news is that you can overcome these feelings if you have them. Each of these types of “impostors” can utilize a specific mindset change to make this happen.

Do you or someone you know have thoughts of having achieved more than you deserve? Check out this 11-minute exploration of the Impostor Syndrome and its antidotes.

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