The Healing You Need!

To kick off this special issue, I thank every one of you for reading the words I write here. Read this issue and click through to the resources I offer here. You will learn about a healing technique stronger than almost any chemical, or even natural, medicine.

Minda Zetlin, an Inc. magazine contributor we've heard from several times, recently posted this. Strong words from a lady I hold in high regard.

The Healing You Need - a woman and a child

The technique she mentions costs nothing and is available to anyone. Even more powerful, though, is this TEDx talk by Tameet Sethi, whom Minda mentions in her article.

Sethi is a doctor trained in integrative medicine and a caring mother. You may not – most of us don't – know much about integrative medicine. You don't need to. It doesn't matter.

What matters is her powerful story from a mother who of course loves her young son deeply. She created something beautiful from one of the most painful experiences a parent can endure. Her description of this heart-wrenching experience may mean more to your health than any medicine ever prescribed for you. (The first 10 minutes of her 17-minute talk are important preamble. Her actual description of her life-changing experience starts at 10:15. If you skip straight to her story and listen to it, you may be motivated to go back and review the whole talk.)

I sincerely hope you'll click on either of the links in the article. It can change your life. The gratitude concept has already made a big difference for me. This takes my appreciation of the technique deeper than it's ever been.

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