The Importance Of Morning Routines

The Morning Routine Ideas Out There

If you follow any self-help advice, you’ve surely found lots of suggestions about morning routines.

How you start your day has a huge effect on how you feel for the entire day. And how productive you are. 

Ideally for most people, preparation for this morning began last night!

Much of what’s been said about morning routines would have you believe everyone should follow a fixed set of rules. I may have even been a little guilty of that myself.

As with most things in life, one size doesn’t fit all. Read on for some unique approaches to starting one’s day. Maybe one of them resonates with you. I think the most important thing is that you have a morning routine. Waking up wondering what you should do first seldom works out well.

Read on for some unique morning routines.

Morning Routines Of Successful People

Katie E. Lawrence owns Masterpieces in Progress and is studying Human Sciences at Auburn University. She’s identified six unique morning routines that fly in the face of conventional wisdom from many coaches.

Ed Catmull reads the news over breakfast. I do too, but my breakfast is after 2-3 hours of work and an exercise routine. In his case it’s first thing in the morning. Most coaches recommend no early morning input other than pure inspirational stuff. Apparently it works for him.

Oprah Winfrey spends much more time and energy on spiritual input than many. For her that’s extremely important and beneficial. I too find a spiritual connection very important, though I’m not religious, and have a little more varied approach to mornings.

Mark Cuban reads email as part of his jumping right into business when he wakes up. Very unusual, and again quite different from most recommendations. Works for him!

Mark Sisson reads and works crossword puzzles! Crossword puzzles and reading are very important for me too. I do most tf that sort of thing in the evening. Crossword puzzles are pure recreation for me, though I’m sure there's some value in the mental exercise.

Choose The Morning Routines That Suits Your Style

Most of these routines are quite different from what most coaches would prescribe as ideal. Perhaps one of these morning routine ideas resonates with you. Or perhaps you follow convention more. Whatever gives you an energy boost so you can start work with enthusiasm, intention and commitment is what you should do.

The only advice I’ve never heard of is to get up and wonder “What should I do first?”

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