What Do You Care Enough About to Become an Activist?

I find relationships to be the most important factor in quality of life. Of course, to do truly well in business, one must be living a quality life. To be a fully functional person in life and business, keep your relationships in good order.

Here’s just how important I find relationships.

Landmark Education conducts programs to help people see and understand the "blocks" they put in their own lives’ ways. They help people eliminate those blocks. Then they can live authentic, well-balanced, psychologically healthy lives. I've taken part in several of Landmark’s programs as a client. I’ve also worked as a volunteer to help others benefit from this great work at a reasonable cost.

At Landmark, the entry point to their huge menu of offerings is the Landmark Forum. About a hundred people assemble in a large hall on a Friday morning. Most of them have only the vaguest idea of what the weekend will bring. 

Early on, the Forum leader asks, “What defines your life?”. During the ensuing discussion, he or she writes a couple of large slate boards full of people's answers. Sometimes a participant will finally hit on "relationships". Sometimes nobody gets it until the leader finally suggests it. 

From there, Landmark is dedicated to helping people improve the relationships in their lives. To help them build, repair, and maintain their relationships with people important to them. Siblings, parents, children, bosses, employees, other relatives, friends, etc.

People transform their lives in truly stunning ways as a result of this work. I'm fairly sure I've seen several suicides prevented. Many people completely change in attitude, and even appearance, during the 3-½ days of the Forum. 

In a recent conversation with my daughter, after catching up on our various activities, things started getting philosophical. Tara asked me:

What do you Care Enough About to be an Activist?

My answer? Building and nurturing relationships in my life and helping others understand the value of relationships in their lives. 

A good way of examining what's most important to a person is to consider what they say on their deathbeds. During their final hours or days what are the happiest or saddest moments they describe in their lives? In most cases they either celebrate great relationships or lament poor ones or the lack of satisfying ones. Only the vainest tout the amount of money or possessions they've accumulated, or even their achievements.

Want better results in your life and business? Find ways of getting your relationships in order. Landmark Education is a good place to start.

John Stevens

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