What We Know vs. What We Don’t Know

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you coach entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs often succeed by identifying a hidden need in a marketplace that no one else has seen. Then they address that need with a unique solution.

Here's something that may surprise many entrepreneurs and those who observe them. There are many quirks of human nature that are just as hidden from these guys as from the average “man in the street”.

When you've addressed a unique need with a unique solution, you may find it easy to believe you have all the answers.

In this Inc. magazine article, Lindsay Blakely describes the work of Adam Grant. (Here's a link to his book, Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know.)

Have you, or has someone you know or work with, gotten caught up in the “Founder Syndrome”? Believing that entrepreneurial success has made you or them capable of addressing every ill in the world? According to Grant, it happens often! Especially those who've succeeded for the first time.

Here's the thing – of course, It's important to know what you know – especially if that drives your business! It can be just as important – sometimes more important – to know what you don't know.

That opens the door for new knowledge. The more we know, the more we should seek to know!

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