What’s the Best Investment You Can Make?

Want to have a better life? Who doesn’t? Maybe a masochist, but most of us strive to improve our lives. I hope you’re among those who do.

The pastimes that occupy many people's leisure time, and probably some of their ideally productive time, produce nothing more than momentary highs or, when the communication is negative, lows. Unfortunately, the lows probably last longer than the highs! Most of the “relationships” people pursue on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are fleeting and meaningless.

Read on to discover a better way, and the best investment you can make in your future!

Jason Gutierrez has some great ideas for making life better. They all have elements of doing enjoyable things. However, none of them are about spending time doing the things many people do for “enjoyment.”

What's the most important relationship you can build? The relationship with yourself! When you've accomplished that, pursue relationships with those you can collaborate with to mutual benefit.

Searching for the latter of these without the intimate knowledge of who you are will almost surely be futile. Even if you stumble on the right collaborations, you're likely not to recognize them.Enough words from me! I suggest you check out Jason's article, where he laments reaching his thirties before discovering the truths he reveals. Many of us can rejoice in learning them much later in life. They have great value whenever you discover them. I hope you find them when you’re 18 years old, or even younger. If you discover them when you’re 70, 80, 90, or 100, great – they’ll improve the rest of your life!

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